Quantum Labs Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc.

Make sure that your company is in compliance with current environmental regulations.


Call us for analysis of gas well drilling and Marcellus shale drilling if you are looking for accuracy and reliability. We use state and federally approved methods, as well as self-designed, accredited methods of analysis.

Commercial services

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If you need testing and analysis for your home or company,

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Are you worried about the quality of the water or soil on your property? Call us to give you the peace of mind you are looking for.


We will test your drinking water as well as non-potable water sources and soil to make sure that you have high quality resources. We only use reliable testing methods.

Residential services

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When it comes to environmental testing, we offer experience, precision, and efficiency.


We use reliable testing methods and work with qualified biologists and chemists for the best possible results.


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Experience - Precision - Efficiency

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With more than 35 years of experience, Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories, Inc. is a private, PA DEP accredited (35-03470) drinking water, non-potable water (wastewater,) and solid chemical materials laboratory locally owned and operated in Northeastern Pennsylvania..

Environmental testing and analysis

We strive to provide residents in the state of Pennsylvania with accurate and reliable water and soil testing to ensure safety and compliance with

current regulations.

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