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Experience and efficiency

By keeping up with the latest standards and procedures, we offer efficient and accurate results for all your industrial and residential analytical services.

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Gas well drilling analysis

Call us to provide services for every step of the gas well drilling process. We are there from pre-seismic and baseline testing to environmental sampling and monitoring. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you in every way.


We remain in compliance with the most up-to-date EPA standards and regulations to ensure that you get the best possible service.

Our difference

We are accredited to handle your water and wastewater testing needs.

• 35 years of experience

• Qualified chemists and biologists on staff

• PA DEP accredited (35-03470)

• NPDES approved

• Accurate results

Analytical services

• Form U analyses

• Form 26R analyses for brine, frac fluids and

drill cuttings

• TCLP/ASTM preparation methods

• RCRA analyses

• Waste and wastewater monitoring for safe reuse or disposal

A drilling rig worker working Land drilling

Environmental testing

When you need experience, precision, and accuracy for environmental testing, be sure to contact us. We provide gas drilling analysis, compliance, and residential services.

Marcellus shale drilling

We provide a wealth of data to key contributors within the Marcellus shale drilling industry. We are at the forefront of providing gas drilling services in the region. With the growth of horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing, we are your most valuable partner for analytical testing to ensure that you remain in compliance with EPA standards.


It is important to have an ally in the field. Regulation on Marcellus shale drilling is tightening on a regular basis, and the EPA will continue to scrutinize it. Working with a trusted agency like Quantum Analytical & Environmental Laboratories Inc. is paramount to your success in the industry.

Our difference

We work hard to provide top services for the residents and businesses in Pennsylvania.

• 35 years of experience

• Locally owned and operated

• Residential and commercial testing

• NPDES approved

• Experienced chemist and biologist on staff

What we offer

• Pre-drilling water analysis

• Wastewater analysis

• Federal and state approved programs

• Accurate analysis

• Effective results

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