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Commercial and residential

In addition to our residential services, we are trained and equipped to handle your commercial testing, analysis, and monitoring needs as well.

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Drinking water analysis

If you live in a drilling region, then your water is at risk for contamination. Make sure that your water is safe to drink and free from any toxins with our reliable and accurate environmental testing.


Base water analysis informs you as the homeowner about the quality of the drinking water during gas well drilling in your area.

Our difference

Get the peace of mind you need to make sure your drinking water is safe to use.

• Certified home inspection licensed

• NPDES approved

• PA DEP certified

• 35 years of experience

• Qualified chemists & biologists on staff

Testing and monitoring services

• Environmental sampling and testing

• Residual waste analysis

• Drinking water baseline analysis

• Wastewater sampling and testing

• Residential monitoring

Laboratory technician with a test tube Running water coming out on faucet